Passive Liveness Detection and Face Verification APIs - key to minimize spoofing and frauds

Security is a major concern for companies today. Every situation brings with it an increased risk of fraud, which can affect the bottom line. The right biometric technology will help you assess the safety of your customers, while reducing internal costs by keeping your workplace safe.

Biometric technology continues to advance, but as technology advances, it’s essential to realize that security risks are also developing. Fraudsters can impersonate online genuine customers and ‘hijack’ onboarding and authentication processes. As online and digital onboarding is becoming prevalent, scams and other fraudulent activities are also increasing. Relying on biometric technologies like facial recognition and liveness detection on a daily basis for identification purposes is proving to be a successful way to minimize identity theft.

Let’s quickly understand what Liveness Detection is!
Liveness Detection is the ability of a system to detect whether the face (or any other biometric) is real, from a live person at the point of capture or a fake from a spoof artifact or a lifeless body.

Using Active Liveness Detection can put attackers on alert that they are being checked along with creating friction that slows the authentication process, increases abandon rates and diminishes the overall user experience. Now, Passive Liveness Detection is a new, ground-breaking approach to liveness identification.

At we have created an API to offer Passive Liveness capabilities that meets all real world requirements. Our Passive Face Liveness Detection API analyzes whether the person in the picture is present in live or if it is a 2d or printed fake image/video held in front of the camera based on a single picture uploaded using the webcam or mobile camera! The API executes in the background and without any indication to users; nor are users required to perform any additional tasks.

Along with Passive Liveness Detection, Facial Verification is an important step for minimizing identification errors. Arya’s Facial Verification API is a robust module trained to recognize and match faces from a variety of sources.

Combining these two APIs; Passive Face Liveness Detection and Facial Verification API, businesses can create a most secure way to authenticate identities while speeding up the customer journey and avoiding the disruption of the user experience.

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Prathiksha Shetty

Prathiksha Shetty

Marketing Manager- Arya APIs