Transforming operations and customer experiences - API innovation for Signature detection and verification

Organizations across the globe rely heavily on customer identity and verification, especially because of stringent regulatory norms. The increase in identity theft and fraudulent activities has fueled the need for accurate, reliable digital applications in the field of biometrics.  

While biometrics based on physical traits (face, fingerprint, iris) are unique to every individual and hence reliable, biometrics based on behavioral traits (voice, signature, gait), are susceptible to being mimicked. Handwritten signatures are widely used biometric since they are easy to collect, and useful across domains in banking for cheque signature verification, or for legal contracts in general

There are advanced solutions available that can easily digitize documents, but when it comes to accurate detection or verification of handwritten data, especially signatures, software systems were not effective till recently. Now, technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning are providing lucrative, automated systems for various tasks like signature extraction, matching and verification.’s recently launched APIs platform is helping organizations gain easy access to data and AI capabilities by providing logically linked workflows, driving ease of use and are most economically valuable. We recently added a gamut of APIs for handwritten signature biometric, that detect, extract and verify signatures from diverse documents.

Detect: Signature detection API

Documents containing signatures can vary in size, format, alignment and location of signatures. They can also be masked behind text or might not be visible clearly because of noise. The signature detection module works extensively on analysing any given image to localize and extract snippets of signature present at any location.

The module has the capability to detect multiple snippets in a single document, and is generalized across multiple documents ranging from handwritten documents, KYC documents, cheques, etc. Our algorithm also returns a confidence score associated with each detected signature.'s Signature Detection API

Verify: Signature verification API

Given two signatures, our signature verification API determines if they are produced by the same individual or different users, thereby flagging any potential forgeries. The API compares and verifies the authenticity of the signature, helping in mitigating any kind of fraudulent activity and to establish the identity of the signatory.'s Signature verification API

Where can the APIs be used?

Handwritten signatures used daily across industries and departments around the globe. Our set of signature APIs, therefore, are useful across multiple domains and departments - Financial services, Healthcare, manufacturing, education, etc. Here are some of the most common use cases:

  • Customer onboarding: Cross-checking signatures on submitted forms/cheques against customers KYC documents like Driving Licenses, PAN, Passports, Adhaar Cards,etc.
  • Legal contracts: Contact execution, renewals, suspensions, etc. require authorized signatures from both participating entities. Signature detection, signature extraction and signature verification
  • Vendor management: Signature matching or signature verification across vendor application forms, invoices, contracts, etc. can be used for
  • Administrative documentation: Signature recognition and detection on Letters, memos, applications, etc.


  • Plug and play - Readily usable AI functions that can easily integrate with existing ecosystem
  • Automated, digitized processes to verify signatures of any type with high precision
  • AI-enabled decision making for fastest responses and processing times
  • Accelerated customer onboarding and acquisition

Try the APIs yourself!

All Arya APIs are no-code, ready to use and available as plug-and-play applications. Arya is offering 500 free API calls for users registering with their business account. Get your access today at:

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