What is Liveness Detection and why leverage Passive Liveness Detection to improve security?

Biometric technology continues to advance, but as technology advances, it’s essential to realize that security risks are also developing. As technology gets smarter, the hackers get smarter too. To combat frauds including digital identity theft or spoofs, application of ‘Liveness detection’ is the need of the hour!

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Using Active Liveness Detection can alert attackers that they are being checked along with creating friction that slows the authentication process; thereby increasing abandon rates and diminishing the user experience. Passive Liveness Detection is a new and completely reliable advancement in AI that offers protection without the user being inconvenienced in any way; the potential attacker also is unaware of the scrutiny.  

Arya APIs Passive Face Liveness Detection API can help minimize identity theft and image fraud, as well as provide a smooth onboarding process. Along with liveness detection, Facial Verification is an important step for minimizing identification errors.

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Prathiksha Shetty

Prathiksha Shetty

Marketing Manager- Arya APIs